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Summer Reading

Adult Summer Reading Suggestions

Summer is a time when we often find ourselves with more time as parents and educators to read more books than we can during the school year. Below are a few of the non-fiction books that are in the Head of School's stack of books based on important topics being discussed in the field of education and our school community. We will be hosting book club discussions on the Anxious Generation and would encourage everyone to read this book or listen to the many podcasts available on this topic and the concerns related to over-parenting in the real world and under-parenting in the digital world. Please share what you are reading (fiction and non-fiction) so we can add to our lists and also engage in conservations about how our adult passions and curiosities are being ignited.


Middle School Summer Reading Program

For the 2024-25 school year, all incoming CCDS middle school students will be asked to read at least 2 books over the summer.

Why is summer reading important?

To build community. All middle school students are being tasked with the same objective, creating a shared experience that we will build upon when we return in the fall. Additionally, selecting from a curated list of books will enable you to connect with other students in class.

To read for enjoyment. We hope that in doing this summer reading you discover a newfound enjoyment and or deepen an enjoyment for reading that you may already have!

To make connections with literature. The books have been chosen with purpose, many of which have characters, plots, and or themes the relate to school virtues and positive character traits that we highlight at CCDS. As you read your chosen books over summer, think about how the book can connect to CCDS, yourself, community and world.

How will your reading be used in school?

As you read, we ask that you actively engage with the book by annotating when you see examples that relate to school virtues, character traits valued at CCDS, and or connections between the book and yourself, community, world. Your books will be used in the beginning of the school year for classroom discussions and writing activities.

Check out the curated Grade 6 and Grade 7 reading lists below


Elementary School Summer Reading Challenge

This summer we are encouraging all Kindergarten through Grade 5 students to complete the Summer Reading Challenge below. Our hope is that all students will engage in daily reading experiences and find books that ignite their passion and curiosity.  Students who complete the challenge and turn in their printed challenge sheet when they return to campus on August 22 will receive a FREE DRESS DAY pass to use during the school year.

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