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Fifth Grade

The fifth grade students continue to build upon everything studied in the fourth grade. While the curriculum is challenging, and requires a lot of attention and effort, it is stimulating and fun. The entire curriculum is designed to stretch every student’s critical thinking skills. A laptop computer is provided to every fifth grade student for use in class. We want children to arrive at school every day wanting to come into the classroom.

Mathematical concepts are taught using the Singapore Math curriculum. Our aim is to have all students develop a solid foundation of understanding on which to confidently build their mathematical skills in the years ahead. The bar modeling process is more complex in fifth grade and directly relates to pre-algebra. By fifth grade students have built a foundation of understanding and expertise that encourages them to think out of the box as they problem solve and they are encouraged to take the risk to do so.

The fifth grade Language Arts program is centered on a workshop approach to reading instruction.  At CCDS, we want students to find a place to include reading  in their already busy schedules. We want to help children appreciate what reading can do for them so they will choose to read throughout their lives. Everything CCDS students do in the reading workshop is geared towards making meaning out of what they read. A variety of materials are used to accomplish this.

In fifth grade we continue to use the Writer's Workshop model to further develop writing skills in the areas of narrative, opinion and informational writing.  By studying these areas of writing, students can further hone their writing skills as well as expand their critical thinking skills in order to be better prepared for the world that awaits them.

Fifth grade social studies is challenging and centers on the important ideas of our country’s development from human migration up to the Revolutionary War. In addition to our regular textbook, we use two additional texts from the wonderful writer, Joy Hakim. Non-fiction can be as exciting as fiction, and Joy Hakim’s U. S. History series of books are exciting and bring history to life.

One of the wonderful parts of academic studies at CCDS are the speciality classes offered to all students. Fifth graders attend weekly Art, Music, PE, Spanish and Spiritual Nurture classes. 

Important goals for fifth grade are to ensure all students continue to learn to respect each other in class and on the playground, that they build upon their academic skills, stretch their thinking processes and really strengthen their love of learning. We hope that every student will look forward to coming to school every day---even on test days! It’s possible-teachers and parents working together can do almost anything.

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