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Sixth Grade

Sixth grade is the culmination of the learning journey at Christ Church Day School. All the skills taught in previous grades are integrated throughout the sixth grade curriculum on a more complex level. The curriculum is designed to develop and stretch students’ critical thinking skills, with emphasis placed in the area of writing. To facilitate higher level thinking skills, a laptop computer is provided to each sixth grade student for use in the classroom and at home.

Math, language arts, social studies and science are taught by the lead sixth grade educator. Students also attend weekly specialty classes including Spanish, PE, Music, Art, and Spiritual Nurture classes. 

The sixth grade curriculum follows the California Common Core State Standards with expansion into the Common Core Curriculum particularly in the area of reading and writing where the Reader's and Writer's Workshop model are used to focus on developing reading and writing skills in a deep and meaningful way. Math is taught using a combination of Singapore Mathematics and College Preparatory Math curriculum materials and is focused on cultivating critical thinking skills and introducing algebra. The language arts encompass literature, structured vocabulary, grammar and projects. Novels are assigned for reading throughout the year. The curriculum taught in Social Studies takes the students back to ancient civilizations, from prehistoric times to the fall of the Roman Empire. The Elevate Science curriculum is used in combination with experiments, projects, and field trips to support student’s scientific thinking and application of concepts and skills.

Sixth graders are given many opportunities to be leaders and active community members at CCDS. Students can sing in the choir during chapel or present chapel readings, participate in plays, and help as Ambassadors before and after school. Sixth graders also enjoy working with kindergarten students (kinder buddies) during the year. Additional activities are given to the sixth graders throughout the year to allow them to further develop their leadership skills that include designing the school’s yearbook and service learning projects.

Creating a respectful, positive learning environment is critical to ensure student success. Students are encouraged to challenge themselves, learn from their mistakes, and be responsible citizens. By the end of the year, sixth graders are ready for the transition from elementary school to middle school. We are very proud of our sixth graders at CCDS!

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