Admissions Process and Timeline

We are grateful for your interest in Christ Church Day School. We have provided an overview of the admissions process and timeline below to help support you during your exploration of our school community.

  • STEP 1: Inquire 

    • Help us get to know your family by completing an inquiry form
    • After submitting an inquiry, you will gain access to our online admissions portal with additional details

  • STEP 2: Tour (optional)

    • Learn more about our community by scheduling a campus tour
    • Tour requests can be sent to 

  • STEP 3: Apply

    • Application checklists are found in the admission portal and include:
      • Candidate Profile Forms
      • Parent/Guardian Questionnaire
      • Recommendation Forms
      • Report Cards (grades 1st-6th)
      • Student Visit Day and Assessments
      • Application Fee of $100 that covers administrative cost of all checklist items

  • STEP 4: Financial Assistance (if applicable) 

    • Submit application for financial assistance using FACTS
    • Applications must be completed by February 2 for priority consideration

  • Step 5: Decisions

    • Priority consideration admission decisions will be shared on March 22
    • Families will have two weeks to respond to the decision by submitting their enrollment agreement and deposit by April 5 to secure enrollment
    • Applications received after March 1 deadline will be reviewed after April 5 decisions are finalized, and additional enrollment decisions will be dependent on available space

Important Dates

  • November 1: Applications open
  • January - March (Tuesday and Thursdays): Grades 1-7 student visit days
  • February 10: Junior Kindergarten and Senior Kindergarten group visit
  • February 2: Deadline for financial assistance applications
  • March 1: Deadline for completing application checklists for priority consideration
  • March 22: Decisions shared for priority consideration
  • April-June: Decisions shared for applications received in second round of consideration based on openings

Student Visit Days and Assessments

The visit day and assessment process gives the admission committee an opportunity to get to know each applicant as both a learner and an individual. The goal of the visit day and assessment is to engage the applicant in a group setting and get a baseline understanding of the child’s readiness to be successful within our educational program. 

Students applying for Junior and Senior Kindergarten will participate in a group visit that will mirror a morning school day in our Junior Kindergarten program.  During the group visit, each child will complete a 1-on-1 developmental readiness assessment with one of our educators. The assessment takes about twenty minutes and consists of such tasks as copying and drawing, building with blocks, and verbal interaction. There are no right or wrong answers, and for the child, it is experienced as structured playtime.

Students applying for Grades 1-7 will participate in a half day student visit during a regular school day in their current grade level. They will also complete a 45 minute assessment at some point during their visit day that will includes reading, writing, and math tasks.

Each visit day will be led by our CCDS educators. Students will participate in activities that will highlight the following skills:

  • Expressive and receptive language skills
  • Grade-level math, reading, and written communication skills 
  • Social, emotional, and collaboration skills 

Visit days will take place January - March. Families will be able to schedule their child’s visit day directly in the admissions portal.