Senior Kindergarten

The introduction of skills and concepts in Senior Kindergarten lays the foundation for academic success and a growing sense of confidence throughout the school years.  It is important that the students feel safe and secure from the very beginning of their school years. The Senior Kindergarten teacher is the leader of a team that strives to provide a loving and nurturing environment for these young children. Other members include an aide and specialty teachers. Each team member believes that every child is unique, and provides opportunities for each student to develop and grow at a rate that is right for them.

Senior Kindergarten at CCDS is an all day program. The extra time provides children with enrichment for exploration in language arts, science, and social studies. We also provide specialty classes for: spiritual nurture, chapel, music, art, Spanish, computer lab and physical education throughout the week.

In Senior Kindergarten the students are learning social and academic skills that they will use for life. Teachers at CCDS believe children learn best by doing, and they will use these experiences as building blocks for acquiring new skills. By providing a wide variety of activities and opportunities to learn, the children will be on their way to developing a lifelong love of learning.