Eager-faced children, proud of their efforts and accomplishments, are what we desire for each child's educational experience at CCDS. The staff of Christ Church Day School bases learning on respect for each child. Whether laughing at their state-of-matter concoctions of "soliquid", immersed in creating wonderful works of art, or building robots in technology, teachers engage the children in activities that provide opportunities to reason and reflect, build self-discipline, and encourage lifelong learning.

Striving for academic excellence we follow  best practices in the areas of language arts with Reader's and Writer's Workshop and the use of Singapore math in mathematics.  We will also be adopting the recently created Next Generation Science standards which raise the bar on what is considered to be outstanding instruction in the sciences.

Art, music, PE, Spanish, spiritual nurture and technology enrich the basic skills and the total curriculum. The complete CCDS program is used as a means to excite students about learning and to encourage each child to become a life-long learner.  

 Underlying everything we do at Christ Church Day School is an education based on values that reflect God's love for each of us, academic excellence, service learning, inclusiveness, and an appreciation for diversity. Within this context, we strive to educate ourselves and our students in mind and heart.

 Our academic excellence is based on School wide Student Learning Expectations which include:

  1. Critical thinkers who can
  • identify needed information
  • apply information
  • analyze information
  • risk using information in a new way
  • evaluate information
  • identify solutions to problems
  1. Effective communicators who can
  • listen effectively, using verbal and nonverbal cues
  • speak effectively, using verbal and nonverbal cues
  • read and comprehend independently
  • write effectively in all domains
  • use technology as a tool of communication
  • disagree in a positive, respectful manner
  1. Self directed learners who can
  • set goals
  • access appropriate resources
  • use strategies, such as time management and organizational skill to achieve goals
  • willingly take a risk
  • exercise intellectual curiosity
  1. Innovative producers who can
  • create intellectual, artistic, practical, physical products
  • create quality products, with an emphasis on technology
  • explore creative solutions
  • apply knowledge from multiple sources
  1. Community members who can
  • utilize good manners
  • accomplish tasks in a cooperative way
  • work with multiple ages and abilities
  • demonstrate effective leadership skills
  • participate in service learning
  • respect and appreciate diversity
  • develop a healthy sense of self and understanding of their roles in the community
  1. Positive, healthy learners who can
  • participate in physical activities
  • participate in spiritual activities
  • develop an awareness of a healthy lifestyle and make positive choices
  • respect the environment ​