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Christ Church Day School is a small private school located in Coronado, CA. Our mission is to engage students to reason, create, serve and lead in a nurturing, Episcopal learning community.


We believe students should become lifelong learners and therefore encourage natural curiosity, teach foundational skills, and promote an understanding of the relationship between the arts, science, and humanities to stimulate learning. We offer a rich and robust curriculum that includes Music, Art, Physical Education, and Spanish.


We also believe students should acquire a strong foundation of Christian ethics and therefore honor the dignity and worth of all people, encourage awareness and concern for local and global communities, and provide an environment which teaches and models God’s love and grace.


We serve students in Junior Kindergarten through 6th Grade with an average class size of 14 students, and are hoping to expand to 7th and 8th Grade in the coming years. 

Why Christ Church Day School?


Our purpose and why we exist

Develop successful individuals who are lifelong learners, have a strong foundation of Christian ethics, and are encouraged to reach their full potential.


Our approach and how we strive towards our vision

Engage students to reason, create, serve and lead in a nurturing, inclusive, Episcopal learning community.


Our core values and what guides us on the journey

Belonging, Respect, Responsibility, Patience, Kindness, Forgiveness, Honesty, Compassion, and Generosity.

Our School-Wide Learning Expectations

  • identify needed information

  • apply information

  • analyze information

  • risk using information in a new way

  • evaluate information

  • identify solutions to problems

A group of students sitting with a teacher outside in a circle.
  • listen effectively, using verbal and nonverbal cues

  • speak effectively, using verbal and nonverbal cues

  • read and comprehend independently

  • write effectively in all domains

  • use technology as a tool of communication

  • disagree in a positive, respectful manner

Two students sitting on the classroom floor reading.
  • utilize good manners

  • accomplish tasks in a cooperative way

  • work with multiple ages and abilities

  • demonstrate effective leadership skills

  • participate in service learning

  • respect and appreciate diversity

  • develop a healthy sense of self and understanding of their roles in the community

Three students working at laptops in a classroom.
  • set goals

  • access appropriate resources

  • use strategies, such as time management and organizational skill to achieve goals

  • willingly take a risk

  • exercise intellectual curiosity

Many students participating in Church services.

Spiritual Formation

A key principle in our community is that we invite all to learn and work in our school—Episcopalians and non-Episcopalians, Christians and non-Christians, people of no faith tradition—both to seek clarity about their own beliefs and religions and to honor those traditions more fully and faithfully in their own lives. Above all, as an Episcopal school, we exist not merely to educate, but to demonstrate and proclaim the unique worth and beauty of all human beings as creations of a loving, empowering God.

Students will engage in Spiritual Nurture classes weekly in addition to participating in the Holy Eucharist and Community Chapel during twice weekly gatherings in the Church. During these classes and gatherings, we strive to help students learn how to think about faith and religion and not what to think.

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