Annual Giving Campaign Continues 

     The notion of "Giving Tuesday" is a bit of a recent phenomenon in American Culture. It follows Black Friday and Cyber Monday. You can learn more about it here.  We used Giving Tuesday as the kick off of our Annual "Fund and Item" Giving Campaign. We have put our "Bites and Beverages" event (which was typically held each fall) on pause in favor of an online giving campaign and invite you to stay home and give rather than attend a "live event" in the fall. You are, however, invited to attend our Annual Gala and Auction being held on March 10, 2017!  Until the Gala, please consider joining in and participating in Giving Tuesday and remember to check with your employer about a matching gift program through your workplace.

    We welcome our CCDS supporters including current and past parents, grandparents, alumni, parishioners, and friends to help us reach our goal of making our wish list of items a reality as well as seeing our targeted programs take hold and grow. There are several ways to contribute including by check, cash, or credit card to make a tax-deductible gift to our school.

   Please contact the school office to donate by check or cash or use a credit card and make a donation to any of our targeted items. Thanks for your investment in our future!

Scroll through this page and select how your contribution will be used and choose from the following to enhance CCDS:

Teacher Mini-Grant Fund                      

    We all know that our teachers go the extra mile to provide excellent opportunities for our children.  We also know that sometimes the “extra mile” can cost extra outside of the budget.  We would like to add to our teacher mini-grant fund where teachers can apply to the Parent Association for funding up to $250 so that our students can enjoy some additional projects and opportunities that enhance their educational experience.  Our goal is to raise at least $3,000 so that every teacher can access full funding for a mini-grant.  Please donate the amount of your choice to help us reach our goal.

Teacher Mini-Grant

“Dollars for Scholars Targeted Giving”

The Nancy Roberts Angel Wing Fund providing funding for students who need financial assistance for tuition or the sixth grade trip.

Our Active Military Families Tuition Assistance Fund -Tuition assistance given to active military families to use toward tuition.

Creating tuition assistanceto attract and retain the best and brightest affording them the opportunity to experience the "CCDS Difference" in their education.

"Wherever Needed"

Thank you for your generosity and allowing us to put your contribution to work in wherever we see a need!

We thank you for your contribution which supports and upholds the Christ Church Day School tradition of excellence!