Year Round Giving at Christ Church Day School

CCDS supporters including current and past parents, grandparents, alumni, parishioners, and friends are welcome to actively participate in our year round giving program at Christ Church Day School. Year Round Giving means that educators and students have access to funding that helps a CCDS education be of the highest caliber. With opportunities to fund mini-grants for teachers, provide scholarship assistance to military families, support our specialty classes, and ensure that every student has the opportunity to participate in all of the amazing opportunities offered at our school, a gift to any of these funds will make a tremendous difference in the life of our students and school.

There are several ways to contribute including by check, cash, or credit card, all of which are tax-deductible. Please contact the school office to donate by check or cash or use a credit card. Thank you for your investment in our future!

Teacher Mini-Grant Fund                      

We all know that our teachers go the extra mile to provide excellent opportunities for our children.  We also know that sometimes the “extra mile” can cost extra outside of the budget.  We would like to add to our teacher mini-grant fund where teachers can apply to the Parent Organization for funding up to $250 so that our students can enjoy some additional projects and opportunities that enhance their educational experience.  Our goal is to raise at least $3,000 so that every teacher can access full funding for a mini-grant.  Please donate the amount of your choice to help us reach our goal.

The Nancy Roberts Angel Wing Fund

Named in honor of long time head of school, Nancy Roberts, the Angel Wing Fund provides funding for students who need financial assistance. That assistance can be applied to tuition or the sixth grade trip. Mrs. Roberts began the tradition of the annual trip, and watching students learn and grow through that experience continues to be one of the highlights of each year. A gift to the Nancy Roberts Angel Wings Fund means that students, regardless of means, have the ability to experience all that a CCDS education has to offer.

Active Military Families Tuition Assistance Fund 

With tremendous appreciation for our military families, Christ Church Day School is proud to offer tuition assistance to active duty military families. A gift to this fund provides scholarship assistance to families of currently enlisted military service members.

Specialty Class Program Support

At CCDS we  consider a variety of specialty classes integral to our education process. Art, Music, Spanish, Spiritual Nurture, and P.E. provide a well rounded education. A gift to this fund provides resources to each of these specialties, ensuring that each of these classes functions at the highest level.

CCDS Tradition of Excellence

A gift to the general fund at Christ Church Day School enables to place your contribution wherever it will do the most good. Flexible funding provides the head of school with the gift of using her good judgement to continually grow and improve our school.

Thank you for your generosity which will support and uphold the Christ Church Day School tradition of excellence!