Our Mission Statement

Christ Church Day School engages students to reason, create, serve and lead in a nurturing, inclusive Episcopal learning community.

Supporting the Mission Statement:

The purpose of Christ Church Day School is to ensure that students in Junior Kindergarten through Sixth Grade are provided a quality learning environment which meets their developmental and individual needs and encourages their full potential. To develop that full potential, we believe students should become life long learners and should acquire a strong foundation of Christian ethics.

We believe that students shoud become life long learners.

Therefore, we:

  • encourage a natural curiosity;
  • teach basic skills, enabling the pursuit of independent learning;
  • and, promote an understanding of the relationship between the arts, science, and the humanties to stimulate learning.

We believe that students shoudl aquire a strong foundation of Christian ethics.

Therefore, we:

  • honor diversity, both within and outside the community;
  • foster respect for thoughts and opinions of others;
  • encourage an awareness and concern for local and global communities;
  • and, provide an environmentwhich promotes an awareness of God's love and forgiveness.