Christ Church Day School 2020-2021

Mission- The CCDS School Board sets policy and conducts financial oversight to support the mission of the Christ Church Day School and the goals of the Episcopal Church in education.

Composition- The board is comprised of parents, members of the Vestry, and others with professional backgrounds that support the governance of CCDS policy.

Nomination- The Nominating Committee submits names to the School Board for review.  The board forwards the names to the Vestry for approval. 

Board Meetings- The CCDS School Board meets monthly.

Committees- Areas of responsibility or work regarding school policy or fundraising are generally delegated to various committees.  The CCDS School Board committees are: Nominating, Academic, Sports, Personnel (with Policy and Procedures subcommittee), Finance/budget, Marketing, Development, and Religious Life.

CCDS School Board Members

Board Members:  School Year 2021-2022

Mrs. Nancy Funk - Head of School

The Rev. Regan M. Schutz- Rector of Christ Church

Mrs. Joan Huck- President and Personnel Committee Chair 

Mr. Fabian Gomez-Ibarra- Vice President 

Mrs. Michelle Malone-Chiles - Secretary

Mrs. Naureen Khan

Mr. Paul Andrews

Mrs. Cheryl Wilson

Ms Cheryl Janus

Mrs. Nicole Zuckerman-Morris