Christ Church Day School 2019-2020


Mission- The CCDS School Board sets policy and conducts financial oversight to support the mission of the Christ Church Day School and the goals of the Episcopal Church in education.

Composition- The board is comprised of parents, members of the Vestry, and others with professional backgrounds that support the governance of CCDS policy.

Nomination- The Nominating Committee submits names to the School Board for review.  The board forwards the names to the Vestry for approval. 

Board Meetings- The CCDS School Board meets monthly.

Committees- Areas of responsibility or work regarding school policy or fundraising are generally delegated to various committees.  The CCDS School Board committees are: Nominating, Academic, Sports, Personnel (with Policy and Procedures subcommittee), Finance/budget, Marketing, Development, and Religious Life.


School Board Members

Nicholas Sylvester, President
City of residence- Coronado 
Profession- Navy Pilot
Board Committee-Personnel Committee Chair 
2 children enrolled at CCDS 

Scott Wertz, Vice President
City of residence- South Park, San Diego
Profession- Airline Pilot, retired US Marine Colonel
Board committee- Academic Committee Chair
Christ Church Member 
1 child graduate of CCDS.

Paul Andrews
City of residence- South Park, San Diego
Profession- Healthcare Quality for Sharp Healthcare
Board committees- Personel Committee, Policy and Procedure Development Subcommittee
Christ Church Member- serves as an usher generally at the 8am service.

Bill Cook
City of residence- Coronado
Profession- Electrical Engineer
Board committees- Finance and Academic Committees
Christ Church Member and Vestry member.


Carla Fargo
City of residence- Coronado
Profession- Retired Attorney
Board committees- Personel and Nominating Committees
Christ Church Member since 1986. Vestry member, Altar Guild, acolyte. 


 Fabian Gomezp-Ibarra
City of residence- Coronado 
Profession- Business
Board committee- Sports, Academic, Fiunance and Development Committees
3 children enrolled at CCDS


Joan Huck  
City of residence - Coronado
Profession– Retired Teacher
Board committees - Academic and Development Committee
Church member since 1986– Former Vestry, Youth Group, Substitute teacher
3 children graduated from CCDS


Naureen Khan
City of residence- Coronado 
Profession- Attorney
Board committee- Marketing, Policy & Procedure Development subcommittee
2 children enrolled at CCDS


Jeff Rotherham, President
City of residence- Coronado
Profession- Finance Planning Director, Retired 20-year Navy EOD Master Technician
Board committees- Personel Committee Chair, Policy and Procedure Development Subcommittee
2 children are graduates of CCDS

Cheryl Wilson 
City of residence- Imperial Beach 
Profession- RN, Chief Executive Officer – St. Paul’s Senior Services
Board Committee-Marketing Committee 
Church member since 1970, Chalice Bearer


Non-Voting Board members:

Jamie Glorieux
Board position - Treasurer  
City of residence - Coronado
Profession– Healthcare Finance Accounting
Board committee - Finance Committee, Personnel Committee
Church involvement – Vestry, Youth Group, Property Committee, Parish Investment Board, Lector, Usher
3 children graduated from CCDS 


Michelle Malone-Chiles
Board position - Secretary  
City of residence - Coronado
Profession– Secondary math/science teacher, Business owner
3 children enrolled at CCDS
Michelle's son is the 13th extended family member to attend CCDS.