Board of Trustees and Governance 

The School Board of CCDS operates as the governing body of the School. It is responsible to the Vestry of Christ Church under the leadership of the Rector. The Board sets overall policy for the school.
The Board is composed of between nine and eleven voting members and one ex-officio non-voting member, the Head of School. Five members are selected by the Vestry of Christ Church. Three to five members are parents of the Day School, and two members are elected at the Annual Meeting of the Parish of Christ Church. As currently constituted, the Board maintains four standing committees: Academic; Religious Life; Finance; Development. These committees function as an integral part of the operation of the school in their respective areas.
If you have any questions, comments, or concerns for the Board of Trustees, please contact them at


Board Members

The Reverend Anne Bridgers -  Rector of Christ Church, Religious Life Chair
Mrs. Nancy Funk - Head of School, Academic Committee Chair
Mr. Jeff Rotherham- President
Dr. Martin Bastuba
Mr. Bill Cook
Mrs. Carla Fargo-Vestry Representative
Mr. David Gilby
Mr. Fabian Gomez-Ibarra 
Mr. Jamie Glorieux, Treasurer
Mrs. Joanie Huck
Mrs. Kathy Koop
Mrs.Lauren Thrasher
Mr. Scott Wertz