Aug. 10, 2017 Summer Update from Interim Head of School, Nancy Funk

The classrooms and hallways of Christ Church Day School may be fairly quiet as the summer sun shines through the windows, but behind the scenes, we are busily working to prepare for another great school year for our students and their families.

With almost a decade of experience here at CCDS, I felt honored and confident to step in as Interim Head of School. As a parishioner of the church and a teacher of the 4th grade, I’ve had the opportunity to participate in, and be a team leader for, various projects and committees including the admissions committee, academic instructional teams, Student Council, the CCDS Talent Show, and many more. I have gained the unique perspective of seeing through the eyes of the church and the school, helping to build a strong connection between the two.

As we transition from summer to fall, I wanted to provide you with a couple of updates as well as reach out to the community to let them know about openings we have for new students here at Christ Church Day School.


Small Class Size

At the Day School, we pride ourselves on providing high academic, caring, individualized instruction. This is made possible by our dedication to keeping classroom sizes small—at no more than 16 students per class, we are well below the state’s requirements for class size. In addition to the small size, there are also classroom aides in the lower grades (Junior Kindergarten, Kindergarten, and First Grade).

Students benefit greatly from the small class sizes by receiving more one-on-one interaction, giving way to more enriching engagement with and between students and teachers. There is also increased access to materials as well as technology when students don’t have to share with thirty other children. In the 5th and 6th grade classes, each student has their own laptop, and the lower grades have laptops and Ipads where sharing is actually a part of the learning process.

The school’s extensive specialty program is no different when it comes to the teacher-student ratio. Whether it’s visual arts, music, PE, or Spanish, students receive the same opportunity for hands-on, individualized attention as they stay with their grade-level peers when they see the specialty teachers.

Keeping a cap on class size is key to a positive learning environment, but we also strive to fill any spaces available and give other children in our community this exciting opportunity.


Join Us at Christ Church Day School

For the upcoming school year, we currently have openings in both our First and Third Grade classrooms. Parents interested in these spots can fill out an inquiry form on our website. I also invite you to see more information on the site about our wonderful community and school. Click the link and stop by for a tour. We welcome all students and families at CCDS.


What’s Coming Up at Christ Church Day School

This fall, Christ Church Day School celebrates its 60th anniversary. There’ve been a few changes since we first opened our doors back in 1957, but what hasn’t changed is our commitment to excellence, our nurturing environment, and our daily dedication to developing life-long learners. Watch for more news about the exciting and fun celebration currently being planned.