March 20, 2018 Kinder Sneak Peek!

   Kinder Sneak Peek!                                    

         Learning and fun are priorities in our Junior and Senior Kindergarten classes, and you have the chance to spend some time there! On Wednesday, April 11th we will open our doors for prospective students and their families to peek into this wonderful experience we offer our youngest students.  We will start our tour at 1pm and visit both classrooms, our library, and enjoy some snacks before we finish at 2pm.

         Our kinder program focuses on student-centered learning where our young students navigate through different centers as they learn about letters, sounds, making words, singing songs, reciting poems, and crafts. Reading is a strength in our program as the children work at their own pace during the workshop to find books right on their own level.

         Socialization and role-playing are also included, and you can hear laughter and happy noise every day! Come see for yourself at our Kinder Sneak Peek on Wed., April 11 at 1pm! See you then!!!