Sept. 17, 2021 Covid Task Force Update for 9/19/21

CCDS Covid Taskforce Update from the Rector

 September 17, 2021

Greetings, CCDS Families! 


Thank you for your support of our school Covid Policies. Over the past 18 months these policies have kept our students safe and in-person at school, which is our primary goal. We are grateful to the entire community for taking all the extra steps to ensure our children's safety.


Our CCDS Covid policies are set by the CCDS School Board based on the recommendations of our CCDS Covid Taskforce. The CCDS Covid Taskforce includes Mtr. Regan, Mrs. Funk, and two heathcare experts--Cheryl Wilson and Paul Andrews--who currently oversee large, local healthcare systems and are privy to the latest scientific news and data on the Covid-19 pandemic.  St. Paul's Senior Services CEO Cheryl Wilson, RN, and Paul Andrews, MSHS, RN, CPHQ also volunteer their time and energy to serve on the CCDS School Board. 


Our school is goverened by many layers of jurisdiction. The information gathered, sorted, and considered in our CCDS Covid Taskforce recommendation process includes:

We have recieved a few questions about the current policy for wearing masks outdoors, especially during recess and physical education. The long and short of it is that wearing masks outdoors allows our children the freedom to play together in phyiscally close recess games and climb together on the play structure without having to socially distance themselves. While we are also eager to be on the other side of this current surge in Covid cases, the CDC continues to recommend outdoor mask wearing for people who are not fully vaccinated. Additionally, the K-12 Schools guidance differentiates mandatory quarantine times between those who have been masked and those who were unmasked, so remaining masked will help keep students in school if a Covid positive case were to be found. The current CCDS policy for outdoor mask use is aligned with the current policies of both the San Diego Unified School District and the Los Angeles Unified School District.

Lastly, we want to acknowledge that we hear you in your yearning for out-of-state family visits--it has been a long 18 months for all of us. And we also hear those who have reached out about reports of rising kid Covid cases at Rady's. While current travel policies for our unvaccinated students remain in-place as recommended by the State of California, please know that we are re-examining and re-evaluating this ever-changing situation as data and jurisdictional updates become available.

Thank you for your continued patience in navigating this pandemic with us. With our school's primary constituency still ineligible for Covid-19 vaccination at this time, the rules for our students and for our parents often differ. We did not imagine we would still be at this stage of the pandemic this late into this year, but here we all are: Lord, have mercy on us.

Blessings and Gratitude,


The Reverend Regan M. Schutz

Rector, Christ Episcopal Church