Sept. 6, 2017 Christ Church Day School in Coronado Celebrates 60 Years!

You wouldn't think 1957 could get any better with the release of the first Frisbee, Dr. Seuss' The Cat in the Hat being published, and for you sports fans, The Brooklyn Dodgers moving to Los Angeles. But, the most exciting and impactful event to happen 60 years ago occurred right here on the beautiful island community of Coronado. Christ Church Day School (CCDS) opened its doors for the first time in 1957, and this month the school is hosting a festively “fifties” anniversary party.

On Friday, September 15, CCDS will host the hippest of events, taking us all back to 1957 with a “rock-around-the clock” themed party. A DJ will be playing fab 50s music, and there’ll be a hula hoop contest, delicious diner food including hamburgers and hot dogs, and a soda fountain serving sundaes and root beer floats. The classrooms will be open during the party so boppers can look around and see how the school has changed and get a sneak peek into the unique setting in which today’s students learn.

For those feeling a bit more nostalgic—or who just want to giggle at the different hairdos over the years—yearbooks from each year of the school’s history will be on display in Parish Hall. Come and see if you recognize anyone.

Celebrating 60 years of teaching and nurturing children is “really keen,” but it wouldn’t have been possible without the support of parents and the community. So, on this special night, there will be a “60 Ways to Help Your School” fundraiser. This brings a huge variety of options to anyone looking to support the school. You can sign up for things like bringing a science assembly to the school, helping the teachers purchase a worm bin for the school’s garden, providing shelves for the new library, donating to financial aid and military scholarships to help a child attend this special school, and a host of other choices. Look for the big clock to see how you can help the day school continue on in its tradition of providing academic excellence.

In 1957, CCDS opened its doors to 41 students with the goal of nurturing children into life-long learners. Today the enrollment is more than double but the quality of education and the care in which it is delivered has only gotten better and better.

All are welcome to this family event: students, parents, alumni and their families. The cost per family is $19.57 (Get it! This price is fixed no matter how many in your family).

So gals, grab your poodle skirts and neck scarves, and guys roll up those jeans and slick back that hair into a cool wave (Costumes not required).

Join Christ Church Day School from 5-7 on Sept. 15 to celebrate this momentous occasion.