May 10, 2017 Being the New Kid: A Smooth Transition at CCDS

For some children, being the new kid can make an already uneasy situation even harder. Joining a school in the middle of the year is sometimes unavoidable. Thankfully, if your child is attending Christ Church Day School for the first time, they will be welcomed with open arms and guided through the process every step of the way.

One of the great things about CCDS, is they make every attempt to complete the admissions process and bring in the new child during a school break. New students can join the other students in the classroom, returning, for example, from Thanksgiving or Christmas. That way, in a sense all students are starting back on the first day together. 

The student will be assessed by a teacher to determine where they are currently academically as well as developmentally. A committee will meet to go over the results and discuss the best placement for the new student. The timing also allows the administration and teachers the time to work with child and parent to find them the best possible classroom placement.

Before the child arrives to their new classroom, the teacher has the opportunity to prepare the children that a new student will be joining their class. The teacher can talk about expectations and also remind the children to think about what it would be like to be a new student. In addition someone from the classroom will volunteer to be the new child’s “buddy.” This buddy will be a great resource for the new student coming in, not only to answer questions and show them around the school, but also to provide support and friendship, which as we all know is a huge aspect of any child’s day. Typically, these students are children who volunteer because they are compassionate about helping the student feel at ease and make a smooth transition. It’s actually very rewarding for both students involved.

Lunch time can be an overwhelming experience for anyone, especially a child new to the school. At Christ Church Day School, there is no cafeteria to wander around, and there is never a worry of finding someone to sit by. The whole class remains together, and students eat lunch with all of their classmates, sitting outside on the grass under the beautiful sunshine.

Throughout this whole process the teacher is in constant communication with the parents of the new student to keep them updated on how things are going during this transitional time. This open line of communication, which encourages parent to contact the teacher for any reason, is a key element to the success of all CCDS students. This says a great deal about the quality of the caring teachers at the school.

Being a new student doesn’t have to be overwhelming and scary. At Christ Church Day School, the experience proves to be exciting and fun, giving both child and parents the security to enjoy their new school.