June 27, 2019 A Long Walk to Water

We have very exciting news to share. People in the village of Hai Jebel-kher and Bright Minds S.S. in Baggari, Wau, South Sudan now have easy access to clean water! We know how this well can change the lives in this village, and we are beyond proud of the dedication, generosity, and altruism of the 2017-18 5th grade class who worked so hard and remained committed to their mission to fund a well. After learning about the importance of water and then reading the book A Long Walk to Water in class, the students felt compelled to do something. Service learning is an important part of a CCDS education and carries with it gifts that travel far outside our gate.Thank you to our newest CCDS alums for all you did to accomplish your mission, and thank you to everyone who made a donation or supported the 5th graders in any way as they worked towards this goal.