Jan. 23, 2017 6 Great Reasons Why Kids and Parents Love CCDS Child Care

For many families, the school day doesn’t just run from bell to bell. Before and after child care are necessary parts of many children’s daily routine. Going beyond simple supervision, Christ Church Day School (CCDS) provides a fun and loving environment, making their child care program not only a benefit to the school, but popular to boot. Take a look at these six reasons why CCDS child care is loved by students and parents alike.


First and foremost, parents want to make sure their children are safe when they are heading to or from child care. While the child care is located in a separate building, it is part of the campus. When it’s time to line up in the morning, students are escorted into the gate in time for the 7:45 bell. Once school has ended, kids attending the after care program are gathered together and accompanied to the child care building. Even those students who have after school activities will be escorted by the staff member in charge once their practice or activity has completed. During child care hours, parents can rest assured that with an average of only ten students, kids are well monitored.


With less traditional nine to five jobs being held these days, flexibility in scheduling is key. Parents have the option of either before or after care, or they can utilize both. Since there are no minimums required, parents are billed monthly for a number of visits/sessions per month regardless of the amount of time the child spends in care. Drop-ins are allowed as long as space permits.


What child doesn’t love snacks? And most parents will agree they make for a more content kid. Parents needing a few extra minutes in the morning can relax knowing their child will receive a light breakfast in the before care program. Likewise, kids are never hungrier than after the school bell rings at the end of the day. Once they arrive at after care, they’ll receive a healthy snack before the activities begin.

Homework Club

While all children may work on homework as needed, the CCDS child care holds a special Homework Club four days a week. For up to an hour after school, children are supervised by a classroom assistant as they complete their homework. This is especially important to parents as it relieves them of some of the stress and struggle that accompanies night time homework.


There’s always something happening in child care to keep your little one busy. Whether it’s specially-themed arts and crafts, board games, a fun, educational video, or even some good old fashioned quiet time, your child has plenty to choose from. Kids enjoy interacting in small group activities as well as individual endeavors.


Probably the most popular part of the child care program is the ability to use the playground facilities. Kids love to get outside and play, spending a little extra time with their friends. And having the playground equipment to themselves is like having their own VIP party.

Like every part of Christ Church Day School, the before and after care programs are there to provide your student with a safe and nurturing environment in which the student can learn and grow.


Before school care: 6:30 a.m. until 7:45 a.m.

After school care: Dismissal to 5:00 p.m.