Families play an important role in the life of CCDS and opportunities exist at all levels for families to become involved with the school.  Families are asked to share their time, treasure and talents with their child’s class and the greater community. CCDS values the families of its students and actively seeks their involvement in school life.

The Parent Organization (PO) strives to engage and connect families to the CCDS community with the goals of:

Enhancing the school experience for students

Supporting and celebrating the faculty and staff

The PO will have regular meetings throughout the school year to provide information on special school events and activities and to host guest speakers on important topics of interest to parents and guardians.

All parents and guardians are members of the PO when they enroll in CCDS and are encouraged to attend as many meetings as possible. PO dues are not required for membership.

Parents and guardians can support the PO by serving on a specific committee based on their interests and talents:

Room Represetatives:

  Plan parties and assist the teachers with field trips and special events 

Special Events:

Support school events such as Harvest Festival, Book Fair and Fun Run

Hot Lunch:

Assist with serving hot lunch to students 2-3 days per week


Assist the art teacher with projects and the annual Art Show in the spring


Help organize volunteers and support the annual Gala event in the spring

New Families:

Welcome and connect with new families as they join the CCDS community


Help keep our alumni connected to the CCDS community

Parent Organization Leadership 

Roles and Responsibilities

  • President- responsible for creating and facilitating the PO meeting agendas and serving as a lead spokesperson for the PO at meetings, special events and activities
  • Vice President- assists the president with all responsibilities and steps in as acting president when needed
  • Communications and Marketing- responsible for creating and distributing communication and marketing materials to the school community related to PO information and special events and activities; partnering with the Head of School as needed for the distribution of communication through email and website as needed
  • Secretary- responsible for taking meeting minutes and sharing them with the Head of School, PO leadership, and (school community as needed)
  • Treasurer- responsible for managing the PO budget and partnering with CCDS’ administrative assistant for oversight of receipts and reimbursements
  • Room Representative Liaison- serve as main point of contact between PO Leadership and Room Representatives
  • Room Representatives: serve as a liaison between the Parent Organization, the classroom families, and the classroom teacher. 

The primary role of a Room Representative is to serve as the main point of contact in the classroom for families related to parties, special events and activities. Each class Room Representative will be provided with the class roster that includes all family contact information. This information is private and only to be used for school business.

The PO will establish a process for collecting funds from families that will be used to cover the teacher and staff appreciation gifts given in December. The PO will also allocate funds for each class for the Room Representatives to use to purchase the supplies needed for other teacher gifts, parties, and special classroom events. Room Representatives will purchase these items and submit their receipts to the CCDS administrative assistant for reimbursement. The only two classroom parties that will need to be organized are the December holiday party and the end of year party.

Room Representatives meet monthly with the Head of School and PO leadership.