January 10, 2011 - Volume 17 - 2010 -'11
Mrs. Roberts - Headmistress


The buzz is out there concerning Dr. Wendy Mogel’s visit
to CCDS. Be sure to purchase your ticket before January
24th when ticket sales will be open to the general public.
Until that time the tickets are available to CCDS parents
and Christ Church parishioners. Tickets are limited to two
per family (or four if there are two sets of parents) until
the 24th.

Thank you for keeping the area between the gates clear
at dismissal. It helps tremendously with spotting children
for loading the cars in the pick-up zone. One more request – once you pick up
your students, please keep them with you. They should not be running back and
forth between the gates or in and out of the courtyard. This applies to younger
siblings too. Thank you for your continuing cooperation in this regard.

It is great to have everyone back once again. It seems hardly possible that there
are only two weeks until the end of the first semester.

January 31st is the starting date for the Reading Incentive program. Over the
next 3 weeks, watch for more information about this five week event. The first
and fourth grade parents are gearing up for an exciting program to encourage
increased reading at home for our students.

This week I will be meeting with the 3rd grade parents for Friday Coffee at 8:05
in Hinde Hall.



December is the month we all look forward to the charming, delightful sounds
of our students voices presented in the Christmas program. Mrs. Moody is working
with our CCDS students to present another wonderful program and closing chapel.
The CCDS Choir will also be singing at the Hotel Del Coronado on December 1st.

Beyond the music programs in December and the spring, Mrs. Moody brings many
years of experience to the music classes on order to teach the music standards to
all grades at CCDS. Along with this, students participate in the Brummitt-Taylor
music appreciation in their classrooms and attend the symphony during the
school year. Lead by Mrs. Moody, the five major music standards are addressed
appropriately at each grade level. Through (1) artistic perception children learn
processing, analyzing, and responding to sensory information through the
language and skills unique to music such as reading, writing and performing
rhythmic patterns using the various types of notes and scales. Using (2) creative
students create, perform and participate in music. Presenting music
to students in a (3) historical and cultural context, students build and understanding
of historical contributions and the cultural dimension of music. Learning
(4) aesthetic valuing, students critically assess and derive meaning from works
of music and the performance of musicians according to the elements of music.
The last standard concerns (5) connections, relationships and applications.
Students apply what they learn in music across subject areas. By the time they
graduate, they develop competencies and creative skills in problem solving,
communication, and management of time and resources that contribute to
lifelong learning and career skills.
And I bet you thought they were just learning to sing!



DATE                 SERVERS           MENU

January 14         Kinder.     Taco salad or bean burrito, fruit
January 21         Jr. K         Potato bar, fruit

Hot lunch sign up for the 2nd semester will go home today.
Return by January 20.

Milk sign up forms will go home today, noting if you have already paid for the
second semester and offering milk againto those who have not paid for the
second semester. Return by January 20.

HEARING AND VISION SCREENING AT CCDS                                                           Permission/signup forms go home today for the screenings which take place
February 1st. by Rady Children's Hospital. Return by January 20.



MUSICAL NOTES                                                                                                           Teachers’ note: Music Program Year 3, week 2 Jan.
CD 7 TRK 15 page 163.

This week’s feature composer is Igor Stravinsky (1882-1971).
The feature compositions are two movements from Suite No. 2
named “Marche” and “Valse.”

THIRD GRADE is collecting General Mills Box Tops for Education
to earn moneyin support of the "Earth's Birthday Project."
Send them in to school through the end of April. Thank you for
helping the third graders make a difference in our world for our
service learning project.



COMPUTER - Monday 2:55 - 3:25 pm.

BATON - Monday 2:55 - 3:45 pm.

CHOIR - Thursday 2:55 - 3:25pm.

We will have Mad Science beginning
January 19 for four weeks.

Sign up forms will go home January 10th.
Send your signup form with payment directly to Mad Science.
Address is on the flyer.



Spiritual Nurture


This month, spiritual nurture students are learning about the kingdom of Israel.
How did God’s people become a powerful and prosperous nation?
We’ll be learning about Saul, David, Solomon, and the building
of the Temple in Jerusalem.


This week we are learning about King David. David was a great king and
a great musician. Join us for the 2nd grade chapel presentation
to learn more about his life!


Happy Birthday this week to:

Jack Wood (5th) 1/10
Jorge Alberto Partida (5th) 1/11

Happy 1/2 Birthday to
Jacob Stow (1st) 7/12
Heath Miller (3rd) 7/13
Colin Duncan (JK) 7/15
Emma Duncan (JK) 7/15
Tara Dncan (JK) 7/15
Mrs. Duryea 7/10
Mrs. Iverson 7/15


Grandparents Day 2010


MONDAY, January 10
Computer Club 2:55– 3:25 pm.
Baton 2:55-3:45 pm.

TUESDAY, January 11
Chapel Holy Eucharist
8:00 am.

WEDNESDAY, January 12
ART Parent – 5th.
1st Grade – zoo visit
8:30-2:30 pm.
JK – library visit 9:30 am.
JK – 6th dismiss 2:30 pm.

THURSDAY, January 13
Chapel 8:00 am.
1st Grade – Library visit 1:00 pm.
Choir Club 2:55 – 3:25 pm.

FRIDAY, January 14
3rd Grade Parent Coffee
with Mrs. Roberts 8:00 am.

ART Parent – K.
ART – 3rd – 11:00;
5th -12:45; 6th-1:45.
Hot Lunch 12:00 noon.

HOT LUNCH for Friday is
taco salad or bean burrito,
veggies and fruit.
Kindergarten Parents serve
this hot lunch.

Be sure to send in $4.00 on
(ORDER DAY) Wednesday if
you are not prepaying for
hot lunch and wish for your
child to have it on Friday.
No IOU’s.


Intent to Return to CCDS in
2011-2012 letters will be sent
home on Thursday. Please return
your Intent to Return Form to
school during the week of
January 24 or sooner!

Coming home today:
1. Hot lunch sign up for 2nd semester
2. Milk order forms for 2nd semester
3. Hearing and Vision Screening
Permission/signup forms                   
4. Mad Science and community flyers.
Look for these in your child’s backpack.


MONDAY, January 17
NO school. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day.

WEDNESDAY, January 19
School dismisses at 1:00 pm.

FRIDAY, January 21
End of Semester 1.

TUESDAY, February 1
Hearing and Vision Screening
at school.

TUESDAY, February 15
Wendy Mogel, Phd,
author and psychologist,
visits CCDS 7:00 pm –
tickets available.




Go directly to Christ Church's
weekly newsletter for the latest information


.......... CCDS Mission Statement

The Educational Mission of
Christ Episcopal Church is
predicated on Anglican
Theologians of The 17th
Century who suggested that
human reason offers a tool to
interpret scriptures and to
wrestle with the most difficult
issues of humanity. It is our
desire to establish a learning
environment that fosters the
development of reason and
critical thinking skills to serve
in the exploration of the deepest
issues of humanity and to better
understand our responsibilities
as individuals for the well-being
of society. It is an environment
founded on the love of God and
the love of our fellow human beings.


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