March 22, 2010 - Volume 28 - 2010
Mrs. Roberts - Headmistress

The teachers and students are eager to share their classrooms
and artwork with you at Open House this week. The school
will be open from 5:45 – 7:00. Children, accompanied by an
adult, will start in their current classrooms. There they will pick
up a card to be stamped as they travel from room to room.
The artwork will be on display in Hinde Hall and it is fabulous
again this year! Our specialty teachers will be St. Peters, which
is our version of a multi-purpose room, (the Spanish, spiritual
nurture, art and After School Day Care room) and there will be
materials on display for these classes.

You will enjoy seeing all the different grade levels this year
including junior kindergarten across the street in the white house with blue trim on
the corner. This is also a wonderful opportunity to show off our school to any of your
friends who might be considering CCDS. Please invite them also. There will be many
people we know and possibly some strangers we don’t know. So please keep your
children with you at all times. Students should not be running around or up and
down the stairs for obvious safety reasons.

This Friday is the scheduled coffee for 5th grade parents. I look forward to visiting
with you at 8:05 in Hinde Hall.

Mrs. Roberts,





Christ Church has been accredited by the Western Association
of Schools and Colleges (WASC) for 13 years. As part of the
on-going cyclical accreditation, CCDS completed an eighteen
month Self-Study and sent off the school report in January of 2010.
The WASC Visiting Team was on campus from March 7th to
March 10th of this year. They have written their report and
made their recommendation for our next term of accreditation.
After the WASC Commissioners meet in June, the school will be
officially notified of our term of accreditation. In the meantime,
one of our parents, Valerie Murline, took notes when the
Visiting Team reported to the school community at the end
of their visit. Here is a list of the items they identified or verified:

First and foremost the positive comments about our school
were numerous. The following name a few...
Hardworking headmistress - heart of school
Fabulous Teachers
Having specialty teachers for music, art, Spanish & Computer lab
Teachers that have high expectations for students
Collaborative staff
Small Class size
In a scale of good, better, best - A collaboration that
wants the best for students
School is cutting edge - Smartboards, computer lab, and
specialty teachers
An Art/Parent program that could be marketed
JK Program
A triangle environment that incorporates school, church, and home
Chapel that adds character and spiritual development
Family Mentor program
5yr financial plan
Technology program that not only has computer lab but
5th & 6th graders have laptops
A community of stakeholders
A fabulous sexton (Mr. Jess)

If these comments don't confirm that we have placed our children in
a wonderful school, I don't know what does! I personally would like to
thank Mrs. Roberts, all the Teachers and administrative staff for the hard
work they did for this accreditation and everyday. A special thanks to
Janie Hansen for all her hard work!

Have a great day!
Valerie Murline



A 3-week session July 5th-July 23rd
9:00 t0 12:00

Serving children currently in Kdg-5th grade
Small class sizes
Literature based enrichment activities
Math enrichment using Singapore math strategies
Exciting specialty classes including
Technology, Art, Science, Cooking and more!)
Taught by credentialed, experienced
CCDS teachers

Tuition - $800 for the three-week session




Long-term parking near CCDS is extremely limited, and short-term
parking virtually nonexistent. Extreme caution should be taken
while entering and leaving the parking facilities owned by the Church
on “C” Avenue. Small children should be escorted across the street
by their parents. Please observe the no stopping zone between
the signs in front of the school, as well as the common sense rules
of no double parking or U-turns in mid-block. Parents should remain
in their cars if they are in the loading zone and pull forward
as cars move forward.

Mrs. Duryea has a licensed child care program
which she has run for the past 19 years. The summer program
runs 10 weeks. Transportation to any activity (dance, sports, etc.)
is included. Field trips to the beach, park, and bay keep
everyone on the go. The big highlight is the backyard
swimming pool/spa. The pool has taught many children
to become better swimmers. Drop-in, part-time, or full-time
spots are available. Spaces are limited so if interested,
please call ASAP for details or to reserve a spot.
Call Mrs. Duryea at 435-8989.



The First grade class’s service learning project is raising money
to help world hunger through Heifer International,

an organization whose mission is to “work with communities to end
hunger and poverty and care for the earth.” Heifer has helped more than
7 million families across the globe through the gift of livestock and training
in environmentally friendly farming. Through this process families can
become self-supporting, by “passing the gift: - they give offspring and
training to others in need. An arc will go home to each school familiy
and be collected by March 31st when the project ends.

 Thank you for helping the first graders make a difference in our world.



One of the many great things about our school is the opportunity each
class has to contribute to our world through a service learning project.

Third grade is collecting General Mills Box Tops for Education to earn money
in support of the "Earth's Birthday Project" to help protect rain forest acreage
in the El Pangan rainforest in the Colombian Chocó
- the wettest forest
in the world, site of tremendous biological diversity, and an environmental
hotspot that will disappear without help.

The "box tops" are small pink and yellow squares with the words
"Box Tops for Education" printed on them. They may be found on the
packaging of many items, such as cereals snacks, Kleenex, and even some
school and office supplies. Send them in to school through the end of April.

Thank you for helping the third graders make a difference in our world.




This week’s lesson: 

Let your steadfast love, O Lord, be upon us, even as we hope in you. 

Fourth Grade will present the chapel lesson on Thursday.


Marina Buendia (1st) 3/23



MONDAY, March 22
Computer Club 2:55 – 3:25 pm.

TUESDAY, March 23
Chapel HE
Drama Club 2:55-4:00 pm
meets in music room.
ART SHOW 5:45 – 7:00 pm.

1st Grade – Mengi Museum
visit 9:30 am. – 12:00 pm.
JK – library visit 9:30 – 11:30.
Send $3.75 to purchase
Friday Hot Lunch if not
K – 6th dismiss at 2:00 pm

Jubilate Choir 2:00 – 2:30.

THURSDAY, March 25
Chapel 8:00 am. 4th Grade
presents chapel lesson.
Specialty teacher reports due.

Choir Club 2:55 – 3:25.

FRIDAY, March 26
End of 3rd quarter.
5th Grade Parent Coffee
with Mrs. Roberts 8:05 am HH.

Jumprope for Heart event during P.E.
Turn in donation envelopes.

ART- K-9:30; 1st-10:45;
5th-12:45; 6th-1:45.
Art Parent – 2nd.
Call church office
if interested

HOT LUNCH for Friday is:
Spaghetti (no meat) and
other yummy things.

Junior Kindergarten parents
this hot lunch. Please
contact your room rep. if you
are able to help. No IOU’s.
Be sure to send in $3.75 on
(ORDER DAY) Wednesday if
you are not prepaying for
hot lunch and wish for your
child to have it on Friday.

Coming home today:

reservation forms.

And community flyers.
LOOK for these in
your child’s backpack
or folder.



FRIDAY, March 26
End 3rd quarter.

TUESDAY, March 30

Play Day meeting 8:00 am
St. Peter’s Chapel.

2nd Grade Parent Coffee
with Mrs. Roberts
On Applebee Pond –
this is a change.

FRIDAY, April 16
SPRING SOCIAL 5:30 - 7:00 pm.
Please RSVP by Friday, April 9.


.......... Clubs This Week

Computer Club 2:55-3:25 pm.

We will practice with props
and prepare costumes on
Tuesday, March 23rd.
Drama club practice will be
until 4:00 pm that day.
Drama Club will meet
on Monday, March 29th
for a dress rehearsal 2:55 - 4:00 pm.
“The Golden Goose” will be
performed Tuesday, March 30th
at 10:00 am and 7:00 pm.
Call Betsy Vernetti 435-1760.

Jubilate Choir for
Kindergarten- Sixth grades
2:00 - 2:30 pm.

Choir Club 2:55 - 3:25 pm.


.......... Classroom News

The first Playday meeting will be
Tuesday, March 30, 8:00 am in
St. Peter’s Chapel.
Parents interested in helping
with Playday are encouraged
to join us.

The Jumprope for Heart event will
take place on March 26th
P.E. classes. Any family members or
friends who would like to donate to
the American Heart Association are
encouraged to do so. Students are
not to solicit door to door. All money
donated will be presented to the
American Heart Association from the
entire school.
Please turn in envelopes by March 26.
The playground will be jumping to
our favorite CD’s! Mrs. Duryea.


Teachers’ note: Music Program Year 2.
CD 4 TRK 1. p. 108.

The composer for this week is
Antonín Dvorák (1841-1904)
The feature composition is
Slavonic Dance No. 7 in C Minor,



Go directly to Christ Church's
weekly newsletter for the
latest information
Click on "Newsletter"

The focus for March is green food,
and vegetables. Bring canned green
beans, green peas, you get the idea.
No green eggs and ham!

March 26
Kids' Night Out
March 27
Green Thumber's Day


.......... CCDS Mission Statement

The educational mission of Christ Episcopal Church
is based on the Anglican tradition that human reason
offers a tool to interpret scriptures and to probe the
most difficult issues of humanity. Consistent with that
tradition, the mission of Christ Church Day School is to
foster the development of the reasoning and critical
thinking skills necessary to explore the deepest issues
of humanity and to understand our individual
responsibilities for the well-being of society, in a
learning environment that is founded on the love
of God and love for our fellow human beings.


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