February 1, 2010 - Volume 22 - 2010
Mrs. Roberts - Headmistress

Congratulations to all our readers. With 17,000 minutes read
your CCDS kites are flying high! If you are able to sustain this
reading pace, you will break last year’s record by 12,000
minutes. Keep up the good work and keep reading, reading
and reading.

The WASC self-study is in the mail. It was a lot of work, but
with such a conscientious endeavor by everyone, we have
the action plan for the next five and a half years. The four
major growth areas identified in the self-study were
curriculum development, staff development, alignment
and assessment of the SLEs (School wide Learning
Expectations), and continuing school improvement. The first three major growth
areas are a continuation of growth areas from the school’s previous self-studies,
and the last growth area is a newly defined growth area. Each growth area has
anywhere from nine to fifty-one detailed steps to assure that the items identified
will be addressed. A copy of the self-study is available in my office and the school’s
office. The visiting committee helping to determine our term of accreditation will be
on campus from March 7th – March 10th.

For the next three days, I am switching hats. I will be spending time at Saint Patrick’s
school in Thousand Oaks as a member of the visiting committee accrediting their
school. So these last two weeks have definitely my WASC (Western Association of
Schools and Colleges) weeks.

Nancy Roberts



This Week's Featured Book Review

By: Katie Campion
2nd Grade

Name of Book: Singing Sensation
Author: Matt Wolf

Q = How does the story apply to this weeks virtue?

A = He always keeps his word to his nephew Benjamin and he is always fair.

Q = What did you like about this book?

A = I liked that he got a note that said, “You can sing in a singing show on TV.”

Other comments:

"It has two mysteries and he didn’t give up."



ADMISSIONS 2010-2011

Readiness testing for kindergarten applicants who are siblings
of currently enrolled CCDS students will begin the week of February 8.
If you have a child whom you wish to enroll in CCDS’s kindergarten
and have not made a testing appointment, please call admissions, 522-6460.



One of the many great things about our school is the opportunity each
class has to contribute to our world through a service learning project.

Third grade is collecting General Mills Box Tops for Education to earn money
in support of the "Earth's Birthday Project" to help protect rain forest acreage
in the El Pangan rainforest in the Colombian Chocó
- the wettest forest
in the world, site of tremendous biological diversity, and an environmental
hotspot that will disappear without help.

The "box tops" are small pink and yellow squares with the words
"Box Tops for Education" printed on them. They may be found on the
packaging of many items, such as cereals snacks, Kleenex, and even some
school and office supplies. Send them in to school through the end of April.

Thank you for helping the third graders make a difference in our world.



This week’s lesson: 

Loving God, help us rejoice in the many ways you show your love.

The chapel lesson will be presented by First Grade on Thursday.


Mrs. Funk 2/2
Emma Cleveland (4th)  2/3
Isabella Zabaneh (K) 2/5
Kirby Smith (5th) 2/5
Madison Moreau (3rd)  2/6

Happy 1/2 birthday this week to:
Mrs. LeDuc  8/3
Owen Gallagher (JK)  8/3
Cate Rooney (4th) 8/3
Hailie Woods (6th) 8/4
Marie Miller (6th) 8/5
Caroline Mehki (3rd) 8/6
Jonathan Mehki (3rd) 8/6
Jack Harris (6th) 8/6



MONDAY, February 1
Computer club begins
for grades 5 and 2:55 – 3:25 pm.
TUESDAY, February 2
Chapel HE

WEDNESDAY, February 3
Send $3.75 to purchase
Friday Hot Lunch if not prepaying.
Bring in books for the book exchange.
JK-6th dismiss 2:00 pm.

Jubilate Choir 2:00 – 2:30.
Mad Science 2:05 – 3:05 pm.

THURSDAY, February 4
Chapel 8:00 am. Chapel
presentation given by First Grade.
STAFF meeting at noon.
Choir Club 2:55 – 3:25 pm.

FRIDAY, February 5
First Grade Parent Coffee
with Mrs. Roberts 8am. HH.
ART –K-9:30; 1st-10:45;
2nd-12:30; 4th-1:45.
Art Parent – 3rd.
Classes attend a BOOK
EXCHANGE in Hinde Hall.

HOT LUNCH for Friday is:
Hamburgers and other good things.
5th Grade parents serve this hot lunch.
Please contact your room rep. if you are
able to help. No IOU’s. Be sure to send
in $3.75 on (ORDER DAY) Wednesday
if you are not prepaying for hot lunch
and wish for your child to have it on Friday.

ADMISSIONS 2010-2011
Readiness testing for kindergarten
applicants who are siblings of currently
enrolled CCDS students will begin the
week of February 8. If you have a child
whom you wish to enroll in CCDS
kindergarten and have not made a
testing appointment, please call
admissions, 522-6460.

Coming home today:
Community flyers.
LOOK for these in your
child’s backpack or folder.



WEDNESDAY, February 10
Room Reps meet
8:00 am H.H.

SUNDAY, February 14
Bloodmobile comes to
Christ Church. See church news.
February 15-19

NO SCHOOL – Winter Break

THURSDAY, February 25
WASC Evening for Everyone
6:30 –7:15 pm. in Hinde Hall.

This is the opportunity for all
parents to attend a review of
the recently completed
Western Association of Schools
and Colleges Self-study Report.
This is used in the application
process for re-accreditation.

TUESDAY, March 23
5:45 – 7:00 pm. This is a date change
from the annual calendar that went
home in September.


.......... Clubs This Week

MONDAY - Computer Club 2:55-3:25 pm.

TUESDAY - Drama Club begins Feb. 9th.

Jubilate Choir for
Kindergarten- Sixth grades
2:00 - 2:30 pm.

Mad Science Club - 4 weeks
2:05 - 3:05 pm

THURSDAY - Choir Club 2:55 - 3:25 pm.


.......... Classroom News


The Third Grade's service learning project
is "Earth's Birthday Project." Students are
collecting Box Tops for Education until the
end of April. Please send in your Box Tops
for Education from cereal boxes, etc.
These donations can help protect
rain forest acreage.


Teachers’ note:  Music Program Year 2.
CD 7 TRK 12. p. 160.

The composer of the week is
Igor Stravinsky (1882-1971).
The feature composition “Arioso”
from Concerto in D for Strings.



Go directly to Christ Church's
weekly newsletter for the
latest information

Click on "Newsletter"

Valentine's Day, Sunday, February 14

You will have a chance to give a true
gift from the heart this Valentine’s Day
when the San Diego Blood Bank will
have its Bloodmobile here at Christ Church
- 8:30 a.m. - 2:00 p.m. All churches in
Coronado will be participating.
Our goal is to donate 22 pints in this,
our initial blood drive.

Donors must meet certain criteria to
be eligible to donate and make an
appointment either on-line , signup
after church, or through the parish
administrator at 435-4561.

Join us in Sunday School
this week at 10:00 a.m.
Remember - if you like to sing, come
at 9:30 a.m. for Jubilate Choir. The choir
is going to sing for worship on March 7th,
so come and practice with Mr. Robell in
the music room.
Nursery is available for infant through
age 3 (not yet potty-trained) at 8:45 a.m.
if you want to attend Adult Forum and
at 9:15 a.m. if you have older children in
Jubilate Choir.


.......... CCDS Mission Statement

The Educational Mission of
Christ Episcopal Church is
predicated on Anglican
Theologians of The 17th
Century who suggested that
human reason offers a tool to
interpret scriptures and to
wrestle with the most difficult
issues of humanity. It is our
desire to establish a learning
environment that fosters the
development of reason and
critical thinking skills to serve
in the exploration of the deepest
issues of humanity and to better
understand our responsibilities
as individuals for the well-being
of society. It is an environment
founded on the love of God and
the love of our fellow human beings.


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